Monday, August 19, 2013

To grandmother's house we go - day two a hungry caterpillar visits

I asked Tim if I could read Ella a good night story. Even those she knew The Hungry Caterpillar by heart, we read it together. When we were done, I said, "Wow, I'll bet she's still hungry. Should, we invite her to pancake breakfast tomorrow?" Ella agreed and we invited her to come. Off she went to sleep....

Meanwhile Tommy and I woke at 6 am to blow up balloons, cut little legs and hang up the caterpillar. I just done this for my graphic designer's baby shower at the office so knew it would work.

Ella woke and saw the caterpillar from the upstairs landing and giggled with joy.

Tommy was just finishing up the first batch of pancakes.

"Ella, look.... That caterpillar ate right through the pancakes!"

Her reaction made MY day. There is nothing like seeing the wonder of life through the eyes of a three year old and watching her count those pancakes and hold each one up to her eye... He ate this one too grand Nancy... It was the most wonderful breakfast I had since the days when my children were little.

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