Monday, August 26, 2013

An organized life for today

When the kids were growing up I never seemed to get a handle on organization. It was more like chunking .... Bins for clothes, toys and other stuff. A decorated house back then was one where the bins matched! Lol. Now it's just my husband and I and we really do have an organized life.

In the kitchen I got rid of everything I wasn't using. And that left lots of room to be organized.
A trip to the dollar store and bed Bath and beyond and I pretty much had in my cabinets organized. The trick was throw out the junk... get rid of the things I wasn't using.

My writing desk had always been a disaster. It took two walls of built in bookcases and files in the attic to manage the clutter. I think this is the one place I will never really sort. My books have so many memories and they still hold the lure of a good journey of a quiet afternoon.

The closet holds the quilts. Not quite happy with this yet but it's getting closer.

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